Stop the guessing games when it comes to your health.

Get Answers to Your Chronic Conditions From Knee Pain to Functional Neurological Disorders with our 30 Minute Neuro-Exam.

Tired of going from Doctor to Doctor and getting nowhere?

If so you need a 30-Minute Neuro Exam to help find the root of your problem from knee pain to back pain and more complex brain issues such as Dementia and Parkinsonism. You and your family deserve peace of mind and answers.

Worried about being on prescription drugs the rest of your life

Wondering if you will ever feel like the old you again

Feel like everything you have tried isn’t working

Tired of temporary fixes that don’t work.

Bandaids Don't Work For Chronic Pain

Chronic conditions and chronic pain will only get worse over time and cause stress on you and your family

You will be a spectator on the sidelines instead of being an active participant in your own life which will become frustrating

When you ignore symptoms such as lack of focus, fatigue, concentration and memory loss it may lead to decreased brain function and neurological disorders such as alzheimer or dementia.

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A Partner in Your Health Journey

We educate you on your body’s health by explaining and demonstrating assessments to you in a way that are easy to understand. This way you feel empowered to make your own decisions.

Answers To Complex Health Issues

We uncover the root cause of your pain and discomfort and get you the answers you have been looking for. Dr. Hood is known for untangling complex health issues with his patients.

Long-Term Results & Preventive Care

We provide a custom plan using natural and innovative therapies. Many patients report feeling pain relief, better sleep, improved mobility, and overall better quality of life in as little as 4 treatments!

One Step Closer to Living Your Best Life.

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30 Minute
Neuro Exam

What is in An Exam?

Brief Practice Tour

25 different Tests.

X-Rays if required

Functional brain testing

Physiological Tests

Metabolic Questioning/ Evaluation

Includes TWO clinically supported treatments (over 2 visits)


Due At

*Must bring Spouse & bring Shorts

Custom Care Plan

Based on Findings

Doctor will review their findings with you and give their best recommendation

You’ll know the total investment to optimize your health

How long your care will take 

What treatments are right for you

Custom Plan Investment

Pay in Full/Monthly

A Staff That Treats You Like Family

Here at Hood Health & Wellness we understand the importance of making patients feel welcome and comfortable when they walk into our practice.

That’s why we treat everyone like they were our own sibling, parent or grandparent. It’s also why many families end up doing treatment together.

For over 25 years Dr. Kelly Hood has been dedicated to helping patients that suffer from chronic conditions such as peripheral neuropathy, nerve, joint and arthritic pain, early-onset dementia, parkinsonism and more.

We have seen hundreds of lives change after patients made the decision to take responsibility for their health by saying “yes” to partnering with Hood Health & Wellness.

We believe your body has the ability to heal itself, it just needs a little jumpstart. Our goal is to get you feeling better as quickly as possible without perscription drugs or surgery.

When you come in for an appointment, you can expect to receive knowledge of why you became injured, the treatment process, and how to prevent your injury from reoccurring. That is not only our passion but our promise, to bring you the best.

Our Mission

To help as many people as possible in achieving their wellness goals. Educate patients on addressing and treating the underlying causes of chronic health conditions. Provide the support, guidance and treatments necessary to facilitate natural healing and improve overall quality of life.

Dr. Hood's life purpose

To serve my creator by serving those around me by utilizing my God given talents of teaching, leading, mentoring and inspiring those around me to attain their health and wellness goals!