Allograft Injections

What is Allograft Stem Cell Therapy?

Bone marrow aspirate (BMAC) utilizes stem cells to help with both healing and regeneration of injuries. Patients under the age of 40 generally achieve tissue regeneration using their own “pluripotent” stem cells through BMAC alone. As the body ages, it loses its ability to regenerate tissue from its own (autologous) stem cells. For patients over the age of 40, OPTIMAL Pain & Regenerative Medicine may recommend using an allograft stem cell therapy option to help promote healing and regeneration.

What is the source of Allograft Stem Cells?

Allograft stem cells are derived from a source that is not from the patient. These allograft stem cell treatments will be used in combination with PRP therapy to help promote healing and regeneration in patients over the age of 60. Regenative Labs uses cryopreserved allograft derived from human placental stem cells to support tissue repair and regeneration along with PRP injections to accelerate healing. Regenative Labs and Wharton’s Jelly are umbilical cord blood-derived tissue allografts containing pluripotent stem cells. These umbilical cord pluripotent stem cells are a rich source of growth factors for regeneration.

Are Allograft Stem Cells Safe?

All allograft therapies containing pluripotent stem cells and growth factors that are used by OPTIMAL Pain & Regenerative Medicine are FDA approved. Donors for both placental and umbilical cord stem cells are pre-screened through an extensive medical review. It is important to note that no harm is done to the mother or baby when extracting the placental and umbilical tissues containing pluripotent stem cells and growth factors.


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