Arm and Leg Pain: Do You Struggle with Limb Pain?

Do you suffer from arm and leg pain? As a chiropractic clinic in Flint, TX, we often see patients who struggle from pain in the limbs that doesn’t go away. Occasionally, they understand the source of the pain or how it started. 

However, many patients have no idea what causes the pain in their limbs. When you visit our clinic, our pain specialists help you find a treatment that works. When you need a real solution, trust in the chiropractic expertise of Hood Health & Wellness. 

Pain from the Joints

The shoulders and hips are some of the most active joints in the body. Therefore, they are prone to an array of potential injuries. Too often, patients are unaware of the cause of their pain. 

Whether they put too much into a competition or were the victim of a car accident, there are many activities that can lead to immediate or delayed pain and discomfort. Often, this results from damage or irritation in the muscles, nerves, or bones. 

Additionally, limb pain from joints tends to develop over time. That leaves many patients unaware of the initial cause. Here are some of the most common causes of joint pain. 

  • Bursitis
  • Arthritis
  • Frozen Shoulder
  • Tendinitis

Moreover, it’s possible to experience “referred pain.” This is when the pain moves from one part of the body to another. Often, people associate this with the arm pain that comes from a heart attack, but another example is an inflamed gallbladder causing pain in the shoulders. 

Arm and Leg Pain from Nerves

In some cases, our patients develop pain from nerve irritation rooted in the spine. When the spaces between discs narrow, it can irritate the nerve. In turn, it causes pain throughout the pathway of the nerve. 

Sciatica is a common example of this. To understand the core cause of pain in your limbs, you need a specialist that offers more than medication or surgery. Often, there are ways to alleviate this pain without a risky surgery or unending medication. 

Book an exam with the team at Hood Health & Wellness today to learn more about how our personalized treatment plans can help you find relief. 

Arm and Leg Pain Treatment in Flint, TX

At Hood Health & Wellness, we understand how complex the shoulder and hip joints are. Moreover, we know that there are many potential causes behind pain in the limbs. That’s why we focus on personalized treatment plans. 

After a thorough review and evaluation of your condition, we gain a full picture of how and why you experience limb pain. This allows us to develop a comprehensive, holistic treatment plan to help you find relief. 

Through careful adjustments and non-invasive methods, our Flint chiropractors reposition the vertebrae to provide immediate and lasting relief. If you feel arm and leg pain, there’s no need to wait until it becomes unbearable. 

Book an appointment with Hood Health & Wellness today to learn more about how our team can help you live a pain-free life.


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“I highly recommend Dr. Hood because he takes great delight in eradicating pain and facilitating true healing. For me, a meniscus tear in my knee resulted in a serious lack of mobility. Through his therapies, my horrible hip, leg, foot, and neck pain are gone! Dr. Hood is a natural-born teacher and shows you how to build your body up to its fullest potential. I’m stronger now. I’m not limited anymore! Best choice I ever made for my health!”

– Suzie H.