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Do you suffer from chronic back pain? At Hood Health & Wellness, our chiropractic specialists understand how common and incapacitating upper and lower back pain can be. That’s why we focus on developing a personalized treatment plan to help you find the relief you need. 

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Relief from Back Pain in Flint and Surrounding Areas

Pain in the back is one of the most common reasons people miss work and seek medical treatment. Whereas many people experience some mild discomfort, others experience a debilitating pain that prevents them from living life. 

Generally speaking, this type of pain results from overexertion, injury, or certain medical conditions. Though it’s common to associate pain in the upper or lower back, it impacts people of any age for a variety of reasons. Still, as people age, the likelihood of developing pain in the lower back increases. Often, this is due to degenerative disc conditions and occupational wear and tear. 

Pain in the lower back is often linked to the lumbar spine, discs, internal organs, muscles, and nerves. In the upper back, pain often results from aortic disorders, inflammation in the spine, and tumors in the chest. 

The Causes of Back Pain

A variety of issues can lead to pain in the back. This part of the body is made up of bones, ligaments, discs, tendons, and muscles. It can be difficult to identify and address the source of the pain. 

That’s why a treatment plan requires a holistic understanding of how these parts work together. At Hood Health & Wellness, our chiropractic specialists focus on a holistic, comprehensive, personalized treatment plan. Our goal is to help you find relief, and this begins with diagnosing the source of your pain. 

Below, we take a look at some of the many causes of back pain. 


This is a medical term that refers to misalignment in the vertebrae. There can be many causes behind this issue. For example, physical stress or a traumatic event can cause subluxation. Alternatively, toxins in the body can lead to this condition. 

People with this condition often experience a great deal of pain and some disruption in their ability to move. Unfortunately, this is one of the most overlooked causes of pain in the upper and lower back. 

At Hood Health & Wellness, we conduct thorough evaluations to find the root of your pain. Through non-invasive adjustments and holistic treatments, we work to help you live a life free of pain. 

Sprains in Muscles & Ligaments

Typically, sprains and strains happen when people exert themselves in a way that the body is not accustomed to. However, these can also occur when someone is in an accident. Sprains and strains often result in bruising and swelling, which can be quite painful. 

Generally, there’s also some misalignment in the spine. In these cases, chiropractic adjustments help to realign the vertebrae and address the core cause of your pain. 

Structural Issues in the Body

Back pain can also result from a wide range of structural issues in the back. Here are a few common examples. 

  • Bulging discs: Discs place pressure on the nerves in the spine, resulting in pain. 
  • Arthritis: In some cases, arthritis causes issues with joints in the lower back and hips, which can narrow the space around the spinal cord. 
  • Ruptured discs: The vertebrae in the spine have cushioning from discs. When these discs rupture, more pressure is placed on the nerves, similar to a bulging disc. 
  • Spinal Curvature: When the spine curves in an abnormal way, it can result in pain. 
  • Sciatica: This is a sharp, shooting pain that travels down the back of your leg. Often, this is a result of a disc placing pressure on a nerve. 

Poor Posture

As many workers know, posture is a common source of pain in the lower back. When we hunch over our desks as we work, we slowly develop problems in the back and shoulders. However, many everyday movements can lead to back pain as well.

  • Rough coughing or sneezing
  • Tension in the muscles
  • Twisting motions
  • Overextending joints and muscles
  • Awkward bending for extended periods of time 
  • Straining the neck, such as when at a computer or while driving

Find Back Pain Relief in Flint, TX

At Hood Health & Wellness, we are no strangers to chronic or acute pain in the human body. When medications don’t do the trick or a doctor recommends a risky surgery, it’s important to explore your options. After a thorough evaluation of your condition, our chiropractic specialists work to find a lasting solution. 

When you meet with our team, we develop a personalized, comprehensive treatment plan to identify and address the source of your problem. If you experience back pain in Flint, TX, book an appointment with our clinic today.


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