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Standard Process is a third-generation, family-owned company that partners with healthcare practitioners to effectively and holistically address your health issues. We’ve dedicated ourselves to changing lives through wholefood–based nutritional supplements that support the body’s interconnected systems, instead of only treating the symptoms. Explore the areas that matter to you.

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Braincore Neurofeedback

Tap into the power of your brain to regain your health and wellbeing! Neuroplasticity is your brain’s ability to create new neural pathways and to adapt when it needs to. Your brain is not hard-wired, limited or fixed in its abilities to heal. Instead, you have the power to change your brain’s neural pathways and see real improvement in your health. In using science vs. guesswork to detect the root cause of your health imbalance, we can provide you with the correction you need to reclaim your life.


All products and programs tap into the body’s ability to renew,
cleanse, and heal itself. We don’t use chemicals or drugs that only provide
temporary results while creating problems in the long run. Health and renewal comes from within, and Solutions4 and its partnering medical providers
are the key to helping patients find and use this great power. Patients are getting 100% organic, perfectly potent, honestly herbal goodness in every formulation.

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We believe strong, active feet are the foundation for a strong, active body. We will be beside you—and “beneath” you—in your battle against inactivity. MojoFeet products are engineered to support movement in a modern world. We are here to support you on your journey to a strong foundation for your body. We hope that one day, you won’t need us “beneath” you anymore!

Global Weight Loss

Have you tried to lose weight in the past and kept gaining it back? Has your weight loss journey been too slow and too difficult to stay on track? Finally, you’ve found a Provider Supervised Weight Loss Program That Actually Works!

Bridging Biosciences – TruDose Regenerative Technology

TruDOSE Regenerative Technology PRP is the first patented and developed method for determining patient-specific dosing at the point of care.

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Cyrex Labs

Cyrex™ is a clinical immunology laboratory specializing in functional immunology and autoimmunity. Cyrex™ offers multi-tissue antibody testing for the early detection and monitoring of today’s complex autoimmune conditions. Cyrex™ develops innovative arrays through continuous collaboration with leading experts in medical research and clinical practice.

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ReBuilder Medical

The ReBuilder® is a highly specialized, FDA-cleared TENS/EMS unit used in clinics around the world. It is a neuroelectric therapy device, unlike the common TENS unit. The ReBuilder® rebuilds the nerves by using a patented waveform that automatically adjusts to each patient’s specific needs, calming the nerves and increasing blood flow to affected areas, allowing the nerve cells to heal. If a person suffers from unexplained chronic pain or nerve pain symptoms, then the ReBuilder® is proven to be a safe and effective treatment option to alleviate these conditions.

Foot Levelers

Feet are the foundation of the body—foot imbalance or dysfunction can have ripple effects, transferring imbalance (and pain) to the ankles, legs, knees, hips, spine, shoulders, and even the skull. Foot Levelers orthotics are custom built to balance and support your unique feet and body—and to suit the demands of your individual lifestyle and activities. By balancing and supporting the feet, they help balance and support the spine, which can help relieve pain and improve your body’s overall biomechanics.

Foot Levelers custom orthotics are a research-proven solution for plantar fasciitis, lower back pain, ankle sprains/ankle instability, knee pain, and many other musculoskeletal conditions.


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“I highly recommend Dr. Hood because he takes great delight in eradicating pain and facilitating true healing. For me, a meniscus tear in my knee resulted in a serious lack of mobility. Through his therapies, my horrible hip, leg, foot, and neck pain are gone! Dr. Hood is a natural-born teacher and shows you how to build your body up to its fullest potential. I’m stronger now. I’m not limited anymore! Best choice I ever made for my health!”

– Suzie H.