TruDOSE Platelet Therapy Injections

Platelet Therapy, performed by our experienced medical team, is a concentration of platelets containing growth factors found in your own blood. Platelets have been found to contain many restorative components that, when concentrated, accelerate tissue repair. Platelet Therapy is minimally invasive, effective with the right dose, naturally derived and provides a fast recovery time with no known side effects.

Why Concentrated Platelets?

Platelets contain a complex combination of healing elements that, when prepared properly, can help a wide range of injuries and conditions. In many cases, a concentration of platelets can help your body repair injuries faster without the need for medication or more invasive treatments.

How Many Platelets Do I Need?

Platelet Therapy only makes a difference if it is prepared correctly. Studies have shown that in order for Platelet Therapy to be consistently effective, a therapeutic dose of 1.5 billion platelets per milliliter, many times greater than a baseline platelet count.

TruDose Technology customizes platelet therapy for each patient’s unique biological factors. Each person has a different platelet baseline that is in constant fluctuation. TruDOSE uses this baseline information to determine exactly how much blood must be drawn to achieve an effective therapeutic dose every time.

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“I highly recommend Dr. Hood because he takes great delight in eradicating pain and facilitating true healing. For me, a meniscus tear in my knee resulted in a serious lack of mobility. Through his therapies, my horrible hip, leg, foot, and neck pain are gone! Dr. Hood is a natural-born teacher and shows you how to build your body up to its fullest potential. I’m stronger now. I’m not limited anymore! Best choice I ever made for my health!”

– Suzie H.