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When you think about “wellness care,” a checkup with your doctor might be the first thing that comes to mind. However, with chiropractic wellness, we take a more proactive approach. When you visit your doctor for a checkup, they typically only look for a problem that already exists. 

At Hood Health & Wellness, we take a holistic approach that prevents problems from arising. While your family doctor might wait for a headache to come and offer medication, we strive to ensure that your body works optimally. 

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Wellness and Your Lifestyle

Through chiropractic wellness care, we work to ensure that your body functions properly. This allows the innate healing systems in our bodies to function as they should. At our wellness checks, we make sure your spine is in proper alignment. 

When we find an issue, we gently correct misalignment to prevent the onset of pain. Oftentimes, pain is one of the final warnings from our bodies to signal something is wrong. This is because only 10% of the nervous system reacts to pain. 

If you experience a headache, it’s common for the source of the problem to occur in your neck and spine. After months of a neck problem, you might only experience a headache as the final signal. 

However, a properly aligned spine helps to correct the problem long before the headache hits you. 

Hood Health and Wellness: Care to Rely On

As Flint chiropractors, our goal with chiropractic wellness care is to find and address an issue before it impacts your life. It all begins with a thorough physical and neurological evaluation. This allows us to keep your nervous system in tip-top shape, which strengthens your body’s ability to function. 

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“I highly recommend Dr. Hood because he takes great delight in eradicating pain and facilitating true healing. For me, a meniscus tear in my knee resulted in a serious lack of mobility. Through his therapies, my horrible hip, leg, foot, and neck pain are gone! Dr. Hood is a natural-born teacher and shows you how to build your body up to its fullest potential. I’m stronger now. I’m not limited anymore! Best choice I ever made for my health!”

– Suzie H.